Nifty little program for Streamers.

If you are like myself, a gamer, streamer or a user of any other full screen applications, then the program I am introducing to you guys today will definitely be of great use to you. I found it a while ago, but I figured I should use it for a while before I come and write a post about it.

It is called Actual Multiple Monitors. You can check it out here yourself:

Every now and then, I make a video or 2 for my YouTube channel or host a live stream on Twitch.

Before finding the Actual Multiple Monitors (AMM from here on), I could only do one thing at the time.
That was especially the case if I had to run a game in fullscreen mode due to hardware limitations.
This made recording and live streaming a bigger hassle than it should have been.

What makes this simplistic, yet ingenious application great, is that you get to run games (or other apps) in native full screen on one monitor, and say, if you wanna google something right quick or keep an eye on the stream chat, you can do that on your second (or 3rd) monitor without having to ALT TAB out.

Considering the fact that many games, still today are prone to crashing and /or performance degradation when you TAB out of them (while they run in native full screen), I can’t really imagine NOT having this application anymore.

The AMM has an array of settings and options that you can tweak to your exact liking. From adjusting how the action bar looks like to setting up the hotkeys for various functions.


I have included a screen capture of the app settings above but I encourage you to download the AMM and test it during its free trial period and look into all of it yourself.

If you end up liking the program, you might very well be considering purchasing the license, which will run you for $24.95 for a year, but there are various discount and partner options available, so be sure to check out all of your options.

To finish this article off, I’d like to send a big thanks to the people over at for being so kind to provide me with this awesome application. Greatly appreciated!

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