Hunter’s Folly

So I looked outside and saw that the weather was nice. I figured this would be a great time to grab my camera (smartphone), hop on my bicycle and go hunt a lovely scene or 2.

I did indeed manage to get some lovely shots, 2 of which I have also included at the bottom of this post, but the trek itself ended up becoming something to remember and learn from.

– Wind with the temperament of a Russian woman? Check.
– Rough terrain with varying elevations, mole mounds and mud? Check.
– Tires too full to have proper traction in said mud? Check.
– Bicycle that changes gears whenever it damn well pleases? Check.
– Narrow bicycle saddle? Check.

What does all this mean for me in the end?

When I finally made it back home, I was tired, sweaty and my underwear was so deep up my butt crack that I could almost feel them in the back of my mouth. My ass is now so sore that I am here writing this post standing up.

Moral of the story: Make proper preparations for whatever you plan to do or prepare to suffer the consequences!

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